27 01 2009


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10 05 2009

I have purchased the 27 oz. green bottle. I use it daily by putting ice cubes and water in it. The problem is that the bottle becomes so cold that I cannot comfortably hold it in my hand when drinking from it. Do you make a neoprene (rubber type) outside liner to contain the cold temperature and to make it easy to hold a cold drink? Also, a clip of some sort to carry it on a belt loop, or bettter yet, a holder of some sort to carry it on my bicycle. Can you provide a link to a vendor that makes a liner useable with green bottles? Otherwise, the product serves it purpose well.

11 05 2009

Hi Dan.
We are glad you are enjoying your Green Bottle. Unfortunately, we do not have a neoprene sleeve for the bottle at this time, however there is one currently in the works. We are working on a whole line of accessories to go with the Green Bottle as we’ve had many requests for additional accessories. We hope to have them available by the end of this year. Please continue to check the Green Bottle blog for updates!

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