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30 01 2009

Green Bottle

Want a chance to win a free Green Bottle? All you have to do is post a comment below about what you do to help the environment.

A winner will be selected and announced at the end of February using a random number generator. Comments will be assigned a number value in the order they are received so make sure you leave us your email address so we can contact you!

What are some things you can do to help the environment?

Share with us what you do to help the environment for a chance to win a free Green Bottle!





28 responses

30 01 2009

I turn off my water when I’m brushing my teeth and I collect plastic bottles at work from everyone with whom I work.

30 01 2009

I use energy saver lightbulbs, recycle at work, and take re-usable shopping bags to the grocery store.

30 01 2009
Barbro Vigeant

I bring my own bags to the grocery store. Turn off lights. Use air conditioning or heating sparingly – live in Florida Keys!

30 01 2009
Siw Soderman

Use public transportation if possible. Don’t use plastic bags.

30 01 2009

I use the energy saving lightbulbs too. They are great and our electric bill is much cheaper too. I turn off lights whenever I leave a room – even for a few minutes. I am told by my family that I am obsesive about recycling; paper, plastic, whatever the city will let me put in the bin.

I re-use lots of things, including wrapping paper & gift bags & bows. Now we are even re-using some of our greeting cards. We’ve kept them so long that we’ve forgotten about them, so we give them to each other all over again.

30 01 2009
Marissa Turner

I recycle plastics, metals, and papers.
Use reusable shopping bags.
Buy organic, carpool, traded my SUV for a low-emissions car, walk/bike any distance less than 2 miles, use energy saver bulbs and appliances, unplug appliances when they’re not in use, and only turn lights on when needed (I.E. after nightfall) to limit my vampire energy use.

30 01 2009

We use energy saving light bulbs, turning them off when not needed. We take our plastic bags to the local resale shop. I have a pattern for making coated clothes hangers from braided plastic bags. They’re useful and it keeps them out of landfills.

30 01 2009

My husband and I buy blocks of renewable energy through our power company, we use compact fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescent ones, and my husband takes public transit to work everyday.

31 01 2009

I walk to the store daily.
I compost and recycle.
I reuse bottles, bags.

and this summer the installation of solar panels on the roof will begin.

31 01 2009

We have changed all of our bulbs to the florescent bulbs to save energy!! I reuse all of my bottles and bags and plastic containers that items come in. I keep my thermostat as low as possible and still stay warm…of course this is also to save $$$.

31 01 2009
Mary Jessica

Cloth diapers, extended breastfeeding, vegan eating, reusable bags at the store, sharing one car and using the city bus…I want this planet to be habitable for my son!

31 01 2009

What don’t I do????

O.K. We have moved from the city to the country in an effort to reduce our whole consumption on the land. We farm, which reduces all the waste caused by packaging, delivery and manufacture of products. We recycle as much as we can, especially clothing. Free Cycle and our local resale shops are awesome for this.

We use therapeutic grade oils to keep us healthy. One of the biggest pollution causing industries is the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Removing them from our lives saves our planet from tons of chemical pollution.

Eventually I plan to build an earth shelter with renewable materials with a year round green house for food. This house will be completely off grid. I am working on an electric generator that will provide any house with plenty of electricity at a minimum of cost for installation and no cost to run. (Looking for help with this.)

31 01 2009

I recycle, I take reusable shopping bags with me everywhere, I take my lunch to work in reusable containers rather than plastic wrap, baggies and paper bags and also bring my own utensils so that I don’t need disposable ones, I buy items made from recycled materials and items that can be recycled after use whenever possible, I bundle up in the winter and keep my heat set lower, I use energy saving lightbulbs, and I recycle (and luckily live in a town with curbside recycling!).

31 01 2009

– Purchase fresh produce from the local supermarket
– Unplug appliances that are not in use
– Never let car idle over 60 seconds
– Energy efficient appliances
– Recycle everything possible!
– Much more!

1 02 2009

My husband and I grow our own vegetables in the summer. We also recycle paper, plastic, glass & garage products. The heat is set low and we bundle up. He has been converting our light bulbs. We need to consider and do more “Green” solutions.

3 02 2009

I stumbled upon this blog while looking for reusable water bottles to purchase for all the students in my son’s classroom. They are consistently asked to bring in water and it drives me nuts. I am going to order bottles and personalize them so they don’t get mixed up. Next up: get the board of ed to stop using plastic bottles.

3 02 2009

I’m slightly OCD about recycling. I recycle bottles, cans, paper. Sometimes if I’m out on a daytrip or something I’ll even take a can around with me in my purse so I can recycle it at home rather than throw it away in a bin somewhere. I also reuse water bottles as often as I can, and even have started making crafts and things out of found or upcycled things – like for example a notebook out of recycled paper with a cover that came from a cereal box or something. I reuse anything I can.

tiemeinbows @ gmail . com

6 02 2009

My family and I grow our own veggies, I unplug appliances when not in use, I bike to the store in the summer and drive a hybrid in the winter (Live in MN). I’m also trying to go to Peru this summer to learn about conservation of the rain forest.

20 02 2009
Harish Krishnan

I use public transport to reach office. I use tissue paper as less as possible. I switch off electric appliances when not in use. I take bags to avoid plastic bags.

23 02 2009

I’m like a lot of folks on this blog:
*recycle paper, plastic, glass etc
*bring my own bags to the grocery and buy them for friends and family to encourage them to use them as well
*replaced all our regular bulbs with energy saving ones
*turn out the lights and unplug items not being used
*buy as local as I can
*conserve water when brushing teeth, showering, doing laundry
*don’t buy bottled water
*look for recycled items when making purchases

27 02 2009

We cloth diaper our boys to reduce landfill waste and deforestation.
We buy locally produced food to reduce our carbon footprint.
Conserve gas by shopping more locally.

5 03 2009

We try and prepare all our own meals from scratch and mostly fresh ingredients., and only eat out infrequently special occasions (etc). No prepackaged junk especially pre-made or frozen dinners. Rarely eat “Fast Food” I buy from the local farmer’s market on weekends. Try to walk to the grocery store and use only reusable bags.

CFL bulbs in all our sockets. We recycle paper,plastic,glass.

Composting green waste for fertilizer for our small garden, mostly fresh Herbs and Tomatoes. try to buy local think global..Less oil used if products come from your community.

Going to switch to a Tankless water heater. that is run from a solar power generating cell on the roof.

Live in Hawaii so never run the heater, the air never goes under 80 degrees on the thermo when it is on.

Try an unplug all unessential elecrtronic equipment. Unplug major electronics at night TV etc. Use the dishwasher infrequent and only when full is it run…and never use the dry cycle…let it air dry or towel dry.

Only run the Washer and dry after 9:00pm off peak hours..On good days Hang laundry from a dry line.
Wash car at car wash that recycles and cleans the water.

Try to use mass transit more often. When driving rarely exeed the speed limit
and use cruise control when can.

Thinking of getting electric car that use the solar power generator to recharge.

Water off when sudsing up, brushing teeth etc..

Anything else I’ll bring it up.

23 04 2009

Conserve paper by reading more on screen/ Using the back of old printouts for rough work.
Turn off lights when not in use.
Recycle 🙂
Drink filtered tap water.

12 05 2009
Victoria Kinder

– I collect smooshed aluminum cans wherever I find them along roads and in parking lots
-My family recycles aluminum, plastic, paper and tin cans
– We DO NOT use plastic water bottles, we have reusable bottles that we refill at home
– We shop at grocery stores with reusable shopping bags
– We refuse plastic bags when making small purchases (when we forget our reusable bags)
– We’ve replaced most of our light bulbs with florescent coil bulbs
– Our school collects aluminum cans
– We recycle and reuse printer ink cartridges
– We GEOCACHE as a family and while on trails we collect garbage and throw it away properly or recycle what has found it’s way into nature…Cache in Trash out!
– We water our plants in the house with left over water from glasses/water bottles around the house
– I often dig through trash cans at public events and pulll out the cans to have them recycled, or I bring my own signand garbage bag and collect cans at swim meets where they don’t recycle.
**My daughter has refused plastic store bought water bottles at friends houses and insisted on a glass and tap water instead – WAHOO she’s 12 and GREEN!

2 09 2009
Amity JVetere

I make my own laundry detergent using natural ingredients thus not using plastic bottles!

15 09 2009
Glass Bottles

I make sure to help the environment by using and reusing glass bottles for drinking water. I also run a business that is globally conscious about using the environmentally friendly products and containers.

17 11 2009
Betsy D

I’ve changed all my household bulbs to compact fluourescents bulbs.
I turn off the water when I brush my teeth.
I recycle everything I can and watch to buy products that use as little packaging as possible.
Heat is on a thermostat with a timer and is set about 4 degrees lower than previously – I just bundle up in blankets and fleece. 🙂

30 11 2009


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