Earth Day 2010

20 04 2010

Get your special edition Earth Day 2010 Green Bottle™ today!

In 2009 a campaign was launched called “Green Generation™” whose sole purpose was to inform people about green living in their communities and worldwide. What better way to start living green than to stop using plastic water bottles.

Did you know that in the US alone we toss about 60 million plastic water bottles every day? Think of the difference you could make by simple not using plastic water bottles anymore. What if everyone stopped using them? The massive disposal problems we face in our nations landfills would be significantly less, pollution of our lakes and seas would go down and the litter problems across the country would decrease.

So this Earth Day pick up a stainless steel Green Bottle™ and stop buying plastic water bottles. And if still aren’t convinced here are five more great reasons to stop buying plastic water bottles; such as the astronomical costs of buying bottled water versus the water from your tap. 

Looking for other ways to help out this Earth Day? Check out for events and opportunities in your local community.




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