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Green Bottles

Pure & Simple Solutions, L.L.C. has introduced a new line of eco-friendly, stainless steel replacement water bottles that are making a splash with retailers and consumers alike! The Green Bottle™ is not just another sports water bottle.

The Green Bottle™ was designed as a solution to the problems caused by the massive worldwide use of disposable plastic water bottles. In the USA alone, we waste nearly 2.5 million plastic water bottles per day. These plastic water bottles are leeching harmful chemicals into our drinking water and causing a massive disposal problem in our landfills. Additionally the Green Bottle™ is a perfect replacement for those plastic sports bottles that may contain BPA.

The Green Bottle™ offers an affordable and quality alternative to those who are conscious about their health and our environment. Each time you refill your Green Bottle™ you are being pro-active about your health and our environment!

Every Green Bottle™ is made of 18/8, food grade stainless steel and is completely BPA Free!

Green Bottle™ is available in both 20oz/600ml and 25oz/750ml wide mouth and offers 16 unique designs. Many new designs coming soon!

The Green Bottle™ parent company Pure & Simple Solutions, L.L.C. made a decision early on in the design and manufacturing process for the Green Bottle™ to produce the highest quality, safest replacement water bottle at a much more reasonable retail price than currently being offered in the market place. This design and pricing makes Green Bottle™ the obvious, more affordable green choice to those who want to change their lifestyle!

Green Bottle™ has also partnered with 1% for the Planet and has committed to donate a minimum of 1% of all proceeds to non-profit institutions that help protect and maintain our environment and our planet!

If you have more questions about Green Bottle™ please contact us!


8 responses

31 01 2009
Cathey Jo Tomilenko

I recycle all plastics and paper. I use my own bags for groceries rather than use the plastic ones that people throw away. All my house hold products are biodegradage and earth friendly. I also recyle cardboard boxes. I recycle everything that is recylcable. My community does not recycle so i take them to my daughters or drop off boxes.

26 10 2009
Carmen Davis

Where are the bottles made? Made in USA? or China? Where do the raw materials come from? Please advise, Thank you. Carmen Davis

6 11 2009
H R Plum

Also interested –Where are the bottles made? Made in USA? or China? Where do the raw materials come from?

Good info to post on your site – it matters.

18 11 2009

Our bottles are currently manufactured responsibly in China. We use only 18/8 food-grade high quality 304 stainless steel from Korea and China to produce the best bottle on the market.


24 11 2009
helene mastromarino

my son bought a green bottle at a school fundraiser and
it came without one of the caps that was supposed to be with it.

helene mastromarino

24 11 2009

Please contact us directly toll-free at 866-333-7873. We will be happy to send out the missing cap to you.

4 01 2010
Carol Pulliam

Can it be used with either hot or cold liquids?

11 01 2010

You can use the Green Bottle for hot or cold liquids, just be mindful that the metal heats up a lot faster than a ceramic mug or double walled thermos. You can use an insulated can sleeve (like you might use in the summer to keep drinks cold) to protect your hands with a hot liquid. The sleeve will also help keep your drink warm!

We are currently exploring Green Bottle Sleeves that will fit your Green Bottle perfectly and keep hot things hot and cold things cold. 😉

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