Earth Day 2010

20 04 2010

Get your special edition Earth Day 2010 Green Bottle™ today!

In 2009 a campaign was launched called “Green Generation™” whose sole purpose was to inform people about green living in their communities and worldwide. What better way to start living green than to stop using plastic water bottles.

Did you know that in the US alone we toss about 60 million plastic water bottles every day? Think of the difference you could make by simple not using plastic water bottles anymore. What if everyone stopped using them? The massive disposal problems we face in our nations landfills would be significantly less, pollution of our lakes and seas would go down and the litter problems across the country would decrease.

So this Earth Day pick up a stainless steel Green Bottle™ and stop buying plastic water bottles. And if still aren’t convinced here are five more great reasons to stop buying plastic water bottles; such as the astronomical costs of buying bottled water versus the water from your tap. 

Looking for other ways to help out this Earth Day? Check out for events and opportunities in your local community.


Helping Haiti

2 02 2010


If you haven’t heard of Direct Relief, check out their site. 100% of all donations for Haiti are going there, not one cent is being spent on advertising or admin fees. Not one cent.

Lots of charities will take your donations for Haiti but a lot of them siphon off money to put towards commercials, ad campaigns, and over-head fees. But Direct Relief is sending all of it to Haiti. 

Direct Relief has also been sending help to Haiti for years, not just in recent times. For all of these reasons we decided to send our help to them so they can pass it along to those in need in Haiti.

It has always been our business practice to help our local and global communities and organizations. We’ve been supporting charities like the Red Cross, Ronald McDonald House and Honor Flight for years, and now we’d like to help those in need in Haiti through Direct Relief. And you get to help too.  Spread hope for Haiti and get your own Green Bottle™.

Image courtesy of UNDP via Flickr

Photography Contest

28 01 2010


We’d like to know where our customers take their Green Bottles™. Maybe you take yours camping or on long hikes. Maybe you bring them on a golf outing or to a sports event. Or you might keep them on your desk at work instead of a glass that could easily spill onto your computer. Maybe you have the youth size and your kids tote them around everywhere!

Whatever the case enter our new monthly photo contest by sending us your photos  of your Green Bottles™ in action. If your photo is selected we’ll post it on our front page and send you a free Green Bottle™. You can upload your pictures directly to our site or you can join our Flickr group and add them there.

You can submit as many pictures as you like. Since January is almost up we won’t be selecting a winner until February, which gives you plenty of time to take plenty of pictures!

Enjoy photographing your Green Bottle™!

Green Valentines

9 02 2009

There’s a lot of options for people who want to give out unique valentine’s this year, but what about those who want to be unique and green?

Giving paper cards on valentine’s day has been a habitual activity for generations. Think of all that wasted paper that will be lining trash cans and recycling bins on February 15th.

This year, give your significant other something else. With a Green Bottle™ you can show how much you care about them and the environment.

Check out our website to see all 16 unique designs. There’s something perfect for everyone.

And don’t forget to enter our monthly contest to win a free Green Bottle of your choice!

Green Bottle Blog Contest

30 01 2009

Green Bottle

Want a chance to win a free Green Bottle? All you have to do is post a comment below about what you do to help the environment.

A winner will be selected and announced at the end of February using a random number generator. Comments will be assigned a number value in the order they are received so make sure you leave us your email address so we can contact you!

What are some things you can do to help the environment?

Share with us what you do to help the environment for a chance to win a free Green Bottle!