Helping Haiti

2 02 2010


If you haven’t heard of Direct Relief, check out their site. 100% of all donations for Haiti are going there, not one cent is being spent on advertising or admin fees. Not one cent.

Lots of charities will take your donations for Haiti but a lot of them siphon off money to put towards commercials, ad campaigns, and over-head fees. But Direct Relief is sending all of it to Haiti. 

Direct Relief has also been sending help to Haiti for years, not just in recent times. For all of these reasons we decided to send our help to them so they can pass it along to those in need in Haiti.

It has always been our business practice to help our local and global communities and organizations. We’ve been supporting charities like the Red Cross, Ronald McDonald House and Honor Flight for years, and now we’d like to help those in need in Haiti through Direct Relief. And you get to help too.  Spread hope for Haiti and get your own Green Bottle™.

Image courtesy of UNDP via Flickr